— I'm a multi-disciplinary developer and designer. I help companies build and grow great digital services and experiences. For collaborations or other inquiries please send an email to


Here are some of my experiences.

Software Developer at Frank Digital Experiences

Frank is a digital agency covering communication, customer experience and engineering. Frank consist of a community of designers, entrepreneurs, developers, educators, analysts and creatives. I joined Frank as a software developer.

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Design System for SJ

SJ is the market-leading train operating company in Sweden. Here I'm part of the Design System team. Building a library of reusable and accessible UI components for web and mobile. Used by thousands of people every day.

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Video Banners for Ocean Outdoors

Ocean is a leading player within Digital Out of Home (digital media that appears in public environments) in Sweden. For Ocean Outdoor I built a bunch of premium video ads to promote their annual Digital Creative Competition.

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Jamstack website for MTEK

MTEK develops software and robot solutions for industrial companies. MTEK needed to updated their digital precense for the launch of their latest SaaS product MBrain, awarded as The Next Big Thing in Tech by Fast Company. I was reponsible for finding and building the best solution in close collaboration with the people at MTEK, design, copywriter and PR team.

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Jamstack website for Beyond Frames

Beyond Frames is a gaming company that gather independent gaming studios within Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Having growed a lot lately Beyond Frames needed a to update their identity to align with their values. I jumped on a a team of developers, designers, copywriters and art directors that redesign and rebuilt Beyond Frames website from the ground up.

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Technical Product Owner at VNTRS

VNTRS is a consultant and investment company aiming to create successful companies together with their clients by providing competence within tech, growth, design, and strategy. At VNTRS I worked directly with C-level management at clients to propose and scope mission-critical software solutions.

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Relaunch at KSTING

KSTING is a digital booking platform where clients hire fashion creatives such as models, photographers, hair and makeup artists or stylists. KSTING needed help to somplete a long awaited update that had gone stale. With a team of a designer and two developers we gave KSTING a new, modern look and a couple of new features within 4 months.

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MVP for Digital Diabetes Analytics

Digital Diabetes Analytics (DDA) is a digital decision support system that enables people with insulin-treated diabetes to live their lifes to the fullest. I led a team that helped Digital Diabetes Analytics finish their first MVP, a web platform for uploading and analysing diabetes data. The project included frontend (React) and backend (Python) development as well as devops (Azure/Elastx).

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Match-making platform for Ignite Sweden

Ignite Sweden is a non-profit initiative that aims to foster innovation by connecting startups to large companies and public organisations. My responsability was to led an outsourced technical department with complete responsibility for Ignite Swedens business to business matchmaking platform called Magic. The project meant designing and implementing mission-critical core functionality from the ground up.

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Rewrite for Joint Academy

Joint Academy is a digital clinic for the treatment of osteoarthritis. In order to continue to grow they needed to migrate the legacy codebase for their physiotherapist app to a modern React tech stack. I led a team of six that migrated the legacy code base to a modern, decoupled and flexible architecture.

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Co-founder and CEO at GetCompliant

GetCompliant helps retail and restaurant chains save time, secure compliance and reach set goals in everyday life. I co-founded, operated and scaled an innovative B2B SaaS product in a highly competitive market. I facilitated a successful commercial exit based on offers from several industry leaders.

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Co-founder at Shelfinity

Shelfinity is a space management solution where you build planograms in a web app. A real time-saver for retail and fast moving consumer goods. I co-founded, designed, developed and led the customer discovery and early sales phase.

Hell Yes

Hell Yes is a tool for memorising large amount of stuff things like technical interviews. A solo project.

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Mr. Men Memory Match

A browser game that plays equally well on mobile as desktop. Wanted to build something polished and performant without any frameworks or libraries. Solo project.

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Split Bill

Responsive web app for splitting costs between friends. A solo project. The whole idea was to build something from someone else design. Figuring out what worked and not. The design is made by Johny Vino and was fatured at Dribbble.

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Thunder Bella the Cloud Chaser

A hectic arcade game. Featured on PICO-8 bbs and industry leading marketplace for indie games itch.io. Rated 4.8 of 5. A solo project.

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Super Hero Card Brawl

Work in progress...

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What else, I fiddle around on Codepen from time to time. CHECK MY CODEPEN ↗ I do the full stack, from design to frontend and backend. Got a bunch of repositories on GitHub. You are more than welcome to check them out. CHECK MY GITHUB ↗ I like team work. Has extensive experience hiring and managing teams. I'm used to setting and managing budgets and have a deep understanding of accounting and finance. Fluent in English and Swedish. I think using data is important to be able to make pragmatic decisions quickly. Considering myself an all-rounder - able to manage across different functions and liaise with all parts of the business. DM or follow me on Twitter ⟶